Osstem implants: reviews, price

Osstem implants have been manufactured in South Korea by Osstem implant Co since 1997. Until recently, they were mainly sold only in the countries of the Pacific region. In some countries, these same implants are already sold under the “Hiossen” brand (at a higher price), which is the company's marketing strategy.

Alpha bio implants - Alpha-bio (Israel)

Alpha-bio implants have been manufactured by Alpha-Bio Tec (Israel) for over 25 years. Of course, this company is one of the leaders in the production of high-quality implants in an affordable price range that fully justifies the well-known worldwide brand of "Israeli medicine." This article is not written for doctors, but for patients, and will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of this implant system, and also allow you to make the right choice between implants from different manufacturers, without overpaying for the brand.

MIS implants: MIS reviews

MIS implants have been manufactured by the Israeli company Medical Implant Technologies Ltd since 1995. It must be said that they are the most popular implants in Israel itself, ahead of another famous Israeli implant brand, AlphaBio. Dental implants MIS have two main advantages: it is quite good quality at the price of economy class implants.

Nobel Implants - Nobel Biocare reviews, price

Nobel implants are manufactured by Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) for over 50 years. This company is one of the most famous in the world, and the implants produced by it belong to the premium segment, or rather, the expensive ones. To date, Nobel produces 5 models of implants. For example, the purchase cost of a Nobel-Active implant for a dental clinic is from $ 390 per implant (without abutment).

Straumann implants: price and reviews about Straumann

Straumann implants are manufactured in the USA, but the headquarters of Straumann Holding is located in Switzerland. The products of this company is one of the most popular among implantologists all over the world - due to the unique surface properties of these implants, as well as the possibilities of prosthetics on them.

Basal implants Ihde Dental

Basal implants are used to perform a basal tooth implantation technique, in which prosthetics with a fixed bridge is performed 3 days after the implants are installed. In addition, this technique allows to avoid mandatory bone grafting with an insufficient amount of bone at the site of implantation.

Astra Tech implants: turnkey price, reviews

Astra Tech implants have been manufactured by Astra Tech Implant System (Sweden) since 1985. Today the company is part of the international holding "Dentsply International" (USA) - the world's most famous manufacturer of dental materials. Despite some drawbacks, Astra Tech dental implants are among the best in the world, and its main competitors are only the strongest implant manufacturers like NobelBiocare and Straumann.

Bone grafting: bone buildup during implantation

After removal of the teeth, the bone tissue undergoes gradual atrophy, which leads to a decrease in the width and height of the bone in place of the missing teeth. Bone grafting during implantation of teeth (synonyms - bone augmentation, bone buildup) - allows you to increase the amount of bone tissue at the implant site.

Implants ROOTT: reviews, price

Roott implants are manufactured by Trate AG (Switzerland). At the beginning of 2019, the company offers 4 models of implants. The most unique of them are the models "Roott-basal", "Roott-compressive" and "Roott-compressive K", which are used for the so-called basal implantation technique. The basal implantation technique is also often referred to as “single phase”, which implies a prosthetic phase already 3 days after surgery.

Open sinus lifting: reviews who did

Sinus lifting (synonym - the operation of raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus) is one of the options for bone grafting to increase the volume of the bone at the implant site. Sinus lifting use for dental implants is usually mandatory when it comes to future implantation in the lateral parts of the upper jaw.

Periimplantitis: photo, treatment

Periimplantitis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the dental implant, which is accompanied by a progressive loss of bone tissue level around the implant (Figure 1-3). Periimplantitis can occur immediately after the implant is installed, or in the process of osseointegration (engraftment to the bone), and already after prosthetics.


This article aims to help patients make the right choice of an implantologist. Most of the doctors you meet will try to screw the implant in as soon as possible and take the money (so that the patient will not go away). And about what will happen to the aesthetics of the gums around the implant, whether the patient will be satisfied with the end result - in general very few doctors think.