When to start brushing a child's teeth

Baby teeth are very important for a child, because they provide the growth of the jaws, and good chewing of food, participate in the formation of the correct pronunciation (diction). Therefore, it is very important for parents to know: when you need to start brushing your baby’s teeth, how to teach your child to brush their teeth, which paste is best and safest to use.

How to brush your teeth: prevention of caries

The development of caries occurs with the participation of cariogenic bacteria of the oral cavity, which metabolize food remains stuck after eating between the teeth, turning them into lactic acid. Acid dissolves the surface layer of enamel, leading first to the appearance of white chalky spots that are the initial, yet reversible form of caries.

Children's toothpaste: reviews

In this article we have divided all the most interesting in composition and quality of children's toothpastes - by age. The sequence of toothpastes in each section reflects our ranking. The rating was based on the analysis of such criteria as the analysis of the composition, the price / volume ratio of the tube, the child's age, safety and anti-caries efficacy.

Bleeding gums during pregnancy: treatment

Inflammation of the gums during pregnancy is observed in 75% of women in the period from the 2nd to the 8th month. The most common form of inflammation of the gums in pregnant women is gingivitis, which is primarily manifested by increased bleeding. Pregnant gingivitis most often occurs in the area of ​​the front teeth, and mainly affects the gingival papillae and the marginal gingiva, which is directly adjacent to the teeth.

Caries during pregnancy and lactation

Treatment of caries during pregnancy - So, is dental treatment possible during pregnancy ... Dental treatment during pregnancy is possible at strictly defined periods. With these periods we will introduce you below. Examination and collection of anamnesis - At the very beginning of communication with a pregnant woman who has applied to the dental clinic, the doctor should pay for the patient's examination and collection of anamnesis, and also understand the tactics of possible dental treatment depending on the gestational age to minimize the risk of adverse effects on the fetus.