Dental floss: price, which floss is better

Dental floss (floss) - designed for cleaning interdental spaces from food debris. It is no secret that caries is most often formed in the interdental spaces, which can not be well cleaned with a regular toothbrush. Therefore, dental floss is an important element of oral hygiene, which helps protect teeth from caries and gingivitis.

Toothpaste from Thailand - reviews

Everyone knows that Thailand is the world capital of prostitution. But not only prostitutes in Thailand are cheap. Wholesale purchase prices for Thai toothpaste are about 7-10 rubles per pack. Thai toothpaste costs a penny in Thailand, which makes it interesting for resale. After all, most of the goods that are sold on the Internet - have a margin of 700 to 1000%.

Glister Amway Toothpaste - reviews of dentists

Analyzing the novelties among the toothpastes - we caught the eye of Glister toothpaste of Amway company (USA). In this article we will analyze its composition, as well as the information that network marketing vendors provide about this paste ... Glister Toothpaste: Active Ingredient composition: Sodium Fluoride 0.1% (950 ppm).

How to get rid of bad breath

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Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

With increased tooth sensitivity, pain, as a rule, occurs on thermal and mechanical stimuli — cold, hot, when you touch a toothbrush, and sometimes on a sweet tooth. And at the moment there are many effective home remedies that will allow you to solve this problem.

Fluoride in toothpaste

Fluoride is one of the most important components of tooth enamel. Fluorine ions, contacting with the surface layer of enamel, give it high strength and resistance to the destruction of oral cavity by bacteria. Studies show that with regular use of toothpastes with fluoride, the frequency of caries is reduced to 70%.