Computed tomography of the teeth

Computed tomography of teeth (CT) is a new method of X-ray examination of teeth, jaws and soft tissues of the face, which allows you to get a three-dimensional 3D image of the teeth in high resolution. This method is much more informative than the traditional two-dimensional flat X-ray of the teeth, which includes targeted sighting X-rays, orthopantomogram.

Orthopantomogram: panoramic image of teeth

Orthopantomogram is a traditional type of X-ray examination of the dento-maxillary system, which is also called a panoramic X-ray image. Such a name was fixed because on the orthopantomogram the unfolded picture of the entire tooth-jaw system "from ear to ear" is visible at once. Thus, a panoramic picture of the teeth allows you to see the condition of not only all teeth of the upper and lower jaw, but also the maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints.