Implant crown: cost, which is better

There is a very important principle in implantology, which reads as follows: "From the crown to the implant". This means that the doctor is primarily obliged to plan the orthopedic construction on the implant (crown or prosthesis), and only then think about the type of implant or the choice of surgical technique for its installation.

Basal implantation: patient reviews, forum

Basal implantation is a method that involves the installation of dental implants in the basal layer of the jaw bone tissue, which is particularly dense and is not susceptible to atrophy (resorption). This method of implantation is called single-stage, i.e. you can get your teeth in just one day without bone grafting.

Dental implantation: reviews, types and prices

Dental implantation consists in implanting special dental implants into the jaw bone, which then serve as the basis for the subsequent non-removable prosthetics with crowns and bridges, or can be used as an additional fixation factor for removable dentures. Dental implants resemble the root of a tooth (fig.

All-on-6, All-on-4 implantation Moscow: reviews, price 2019

All-on-4 is the concept of implantation of teeth, which provides the possibility of permanent prosthetics in the absence of teeth. Those. On your edentulous jaw there will be a completely non-removable denture that will be securely fixed with the help of only 4 implants. Implantation All-on-4 ™ is a registered trademark of NobelBiocare, one of the leading manufacturers of dental implants.

Mini implants for dental prosthetics

Mini-implants - are miniature titanium pins with a thread (by analogy with classical implants), only with a smaller diameter - from 1.8 to 2.4 mm.Most often they are used to improve the fixation of removable dentures - while the root of the mini-implants with thread is screwed into the bone, and the part protruding above the gum serves to fix the removable denture (Fig.

Implants and smoking: consequences, complications

The installation of implants in smokers can be quite a risky event, and the fact that smoking has a negative effect on the engraftment of the implant and significantly increases the risk of its rejection is undeniable. There is a direct link between the number of cigarettes smoked and the frequency of rejection of installed implants.