Lumineers: the price for 1 tooth in Moscow

Lumineers on the teeth are ultra-fine ceramic veneers that are glued to the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance. The term Lumineers (Lumineers ®) is a patented trademark owned by the American company DenMat. The name was coined to refer to thin veneers that do not require teeth turning.

Composite veneers: price, reviews

Composite filling veneers are an inexpensive alternative to ceramic veneers. Composite veneers are made in just 1 visit to the dentist, without removing the impressions, directly in the patient’s mouth. In fact, this is a common filling, made in the form of lining the front surface of the tooth. Their undoubted advantage is the low price, the opportunity to get acceptable aesthetics in just 1 dentist visit, the ability in some situations to do without grinding the tooth enamel, as well as the ability to quickly remove such veneer or replace it with a new one.

Cult tab under the crown: price

Stump tabs in dentistry (Fig. 1) - used to restore heavily damaged teeth, which are subsequently planned to put artificial crowns. This tab is a better alternative to the restoration of teeth with a conventional filling material and a pin. If a tooth is badly damaged, then in order to fix an artificial crown on it, it is first necessary to partially restore the crown part of the tooth.

Dental tabs in dentistry

The dental tab is a tooth microprosthesis that replaces not the entire crown of the tooth, but only its missing part (like a filling). Often patients use the names of the dental tab, the tab in the tooth. Dental tabs are - restorative - they restore the shape and color of the tooth, stump ones - with their help, the coronal part of the tooth is restored to the destroyed teeth, which already has the shape of a tooth ground under the crown (stump).

Veneers: cost per 1 tooth

Veneers are micro-prostheses of ceramics or composites that "stick" to the front surface of the teeth. They are usually made on one or several teeth, but only on those teeth that fall in the smile line (these are 10 front upper teeth and 8 front lower teeth). How to choose the right veneers - First, you first need to make a fundamental choice between porcelain veneers and composite filling material.

Ceramic veneers on teeth: photo before and after

Veneers are micro-prostheses made of ceramic or composite filling material with which the front surface of the teeth is revetted (Figure 1-3). The correction of teeth with veneers allows to improve the color and shape of teeth, allows you to change their inclination and position, makes it possible to eliminate wide interdental spaces.