Lingual braces: price, reviews

Lingual braces are installed not from the external, but from the lingual surface of the teeth, due to which they are absolutely not visible. There is only one indication for using this type of braces - the patient’s desire to make the conducted orthodontic completely imperceptible to others. Necessary condition - age must be over 12 years.

Sapphire braces: photo, price

Sapphire braces differ from ordinary metal braces in that they are made of transparent single-crystal aluminum oxide, which is often called artificial sapphire. These braces are almost as strong as metal braces, but they are much more aesthetic and invisible on the teeth.

Ceramic braces: photo, price

Ceramic braces differ from traditional braces to align teeth only in that they are made not of metal, but of ceramics (which may be white or translucent). Therefore, these braces are much less noticeable on the teeth for others. Ceramic braces are of two types - First made from polycrystalline aluminum oxide.