Depilatory cream: reviews

There are two simplest and most painless methods of removing unwanted hair at home - shaving and depilation cream. Both of these methods of depilation are very similar - they remove hairs from the body without affecting the hair follicles in the depths of the skin. The first method cuts hairs with a blade, and the second method removes hairs with caustic chemicals that dissolve the hair shaft.

Electrolysis: reviews, photos

Electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure for removing unwanted hair with electric current. Most women say that it is very effective, but at the same time the most painful procedure for hardware hair removal (compared to laser or photo-epilation). Electrolysis: photo How electrolysis works - during the electrolysis procedure, a thin needle-shaped electrode is attached to the root of each individual hair, after which a discharge of electric current is applied to the electrode.

Photoepilation: reviews, prices

Photoepilation is a method of removing unwanted hair with high-frequency high-intensity light pulses. Devices that are used for photo-epilation are called the abbreviation "IPL", which translates as "Intense Pulsed Light." Despite the fact that IPL systems (like lasers) use pulsed light - they are not lasers after all.

Photoepilator: reviews, price

The latest achievement in the industry of removing unwanted hair for a long time is the release of IPL devices for home use. If it is simpler, then the IPL device is the home photoepilator. The abbreviation "IPL" (Intense Pulsed Light) means - intense pulsed light.

Elos hair removal: reviews, price

Epilation technique E.L.O.S. has been used abroad for 10 years, gradually gaining popularity. In Russia, this method appeared relatively recently. Elos is an advanced method of photo-epilation using IPL devices, which has a number of unique advantages. I must say that one of the main problems of epilation in general is the difficulty of removing light and gray hair.

Depilation wax at home

Depilation with wax at home is a fairly simple procedure, requiring basically only the correct choice of wax marks or wax strips. It will be an excellent option for removing unwanted hair for a long time, unless, of course, you have problems with ingrown hairs or inflammation of hair follicles.

Home Shugaring: Recipe

Shugaring is nothing more than epilation with a viscous sugar paste. That is why this method is often called the term "sugar hair removal". Shugaring at home is most often carried out with homemade pasta, but in the salons, ready-made pastes are used for these purposes, which can be bought at pharmacies or cosmetics stores.

Laser hair removal: reviews

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure for removing unwanted hair with a laser that generates an intense pulsed beam of light. Passing through the skin, the light acts directly on the hair follicle, heating and destroying it. Laser hair removal has been actively used since the mid-1990s, after this method was approved by the FDA (the largest organization that supervises the quality of pharmaceuticals and treatment methods in the United States).

Epilator: reviews which one is better

Home epilator is an electrical device with a rotating head, which contains many small "clips". During rotation of the head, the clips open and close, grabbing and pulling hairs from the root. As a result, you get a smooth, velvety skin without unwanted hair (for about 2 weeks).

Ingrown hair after epilation: how to get rid

Ingrown hairs are different from normal hair in that they grow under the skin without penetrating its surface (Fig. 1). Most often, this situation occurs after hair removal unwanted hair, at least - after shaving. And not all methods of hair removal lead to ingrown hair. As a rule, ingrown hairs appear only after hair removal using wax or sugar paste (shugaring), or after using mechanical epilators that pull out hairs along with the root.

Waxing at home

Waxing is a traditional method of removing unwanted hair, which was used in ancient Egypt. With this method, the hair is pulled out of the skin along with the root, but the hair follicles remain intact in the depths of the skin and are capable of new hair growth. There are several wax removal techniques.