Delex Acne: reviews

Delex Acne - a series of products for the care of problem skin with acne (ie, acne and acne), consisting of two types of lotions and three types of gels. It must be said that a huge amount of acne and acne remedies are being advertised, and it is difficult for consumers to choose the right drug.

This article will help you to understand: whether it is worthwhile to use Delex Acne in your case, and how effective it will be.

Delex acne: reviews of the beautician

The Delex Acne product line consists of the following five items:

1. Delex Acne Cleansing Lotion -

The main operating components -
extracts of calendula and nettle, boric acid, citric acid, menthol.

Dermatologist Comments -
It has a rather aggressive composition due to the content of boric and citric acids. Citric acid, if used regularly in people with dark-skinned skin, can cause depigmentation of tissues, i.e. there will be uneven complexion.

2. Lotion for oily and combination skin -

The main operating components -
salicylic acid, extracts from calendula and nettle, boric acid, allantoin, menthol.

Dermatologist Comments -
The lotion is suitable for use in acne, i.e. with closed eels in the form of white bumps on the skin and open eels in the form of black dots in the pores (Fig. 1-2). Efficiency is achieved due to the fact that salicylic acid has a peeling effect, and also dissolves the substrate of which congestion (acne) in the pores of the skin.


Effective concentrations (depending on the form and intensity of acne) are products with 0.5% and 2% salicylic acid content. Keep in mind that when using any means with salicylic acid, dry skin, peeling, itching, redness are possible.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that the manufacturer did not indicate the concentration of salicylic acid even on the packaging of the lotion, which is a negative sign, and therefore we would not recommend this tool for use in general, even with acne.

if the drug can have a certain effect in acne, however, it should be understood that even with the correct concentration of salicylic acid, funds based on it will be at least 2 times less effective than retinoid preparations used throughout the world to treat acne.

To learn how to properly treat acne, read the article:
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Keep in mind that this drug is not intended for use with acne (Fig. 3). With acne, the hair follicles have already been infected and the classic pustules with pus are visible on the skin, so the correct treatment here will be the use of benzoyl peroxide and antibacterial gels, not salicylic acid.

3. Delex Acne Acne Gel -

The main operating components -
Delex Acne acne gel contains purified sulfur, extracts of calendula and nettle, glycerin, menthol.

Dermatologist Comments -
it is generally very strange to read the manufacturer's instructions, which say that a preparation containing sulfur is intended for the treatment of acne. In the entire civilized world, preparations with sulfur are not used for acne, since sulfur does not help prevent the formation of acne or remove them from the pores.

Sulfur has an antibacterial effect, and therefore preparations with sulfur are used for acne, i.e. when infection of the hair follicles has already occurred, and on the skin there are classic acne in the form of papules or pustules (Fig. 4-5).

For acne, the meaning of this gel is to prevent the transformation of acne into infected acne. Reduce the intensity of acne, remove acne from the pores - this gel does not help, but the retinoid drugs can perfectly cope with acne.

With acne, the use of a gel can have a certain effect, but preparations with sulfur have never been used as the main means of therapy, since their effect is rather weak. The main acne treatment should be carried out with benzoyl peroxide preparations and antibiotic gels, and you can use this gel as an additional tool.

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4. Gel Deleks Acne Forte -

The main operating components -
gel Delex Acne forte contains purified sulfur, extracts from calendula and nettle, menthol, Irgosan (antibacterial component)

Dermatologist Comments -
all that we wrote for the previous gel (with all the flaws and possibilities of application) - will fully apply to this gel. It should be noted that the manufacturer in this case manipulates the consumer: the name "Irgosan" hides the component with the antibacterial effect Triclosan, often found in mouthwashes. Those. This is not a unique component, as the manufacturer tries to create visibility.

5. Moisturizing gel -

The main operating components -
contains hyaluronic acid + purified sulfur, coenzyme Q, vitamin E, extracts from echinacea calendula, menthol.

Dermatologist Comments -
The gel is designed to moisturize the skin, which is quite important, because Almost all the treatments for acne and acne cause dry skin, burning, peeling of the skin. Those. The gel can be used as an additional drug to the main treatment - to reduce such side effects.

An alternative to this gel for removing dryness and flaking is Curiosin-gel (with hyaluronic acid and zinc).

Delex Acne Lotion and Gel: Price

The cost of packing a gel or lotion will be about 370-400 rubles.

Instructions for use -

  • For lotions - the lotion is applied to a cotton pad, which is used to wipe problem areas of the skin with light circular movements. Use 2 p. in a day.
  • For gels - apply to the problem areas of the skin with a thin layer 1-2 times a day, leave until completely absorbed.
  • Release form -
    → lotion - in bottles of 100 ml,
    → gel - in tubes of 30 ml.

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