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Skinoren is an azelaic acid based acne treatment. The drug is developed by the famous German company "Bayer" and has 2 forms of release - gel and cream for external use. Can be applied from 12 years.

In this article, written by a professional dermatologist, we will provide comprehensive information about the effectiveness of this drug for acne and acne, and also list the clinical situations in which we recommend or do not recommend its use.

Skinoren: instructions for use

Skinoren: composition and forms of release

  • Skinoren gel: composition
    The main active ingredient is azelaic acid. 1 g of gel contains 0.15 g of azelaic acid. The gel has a white or yellowish-white color. Skinoren gel is available in packs of 15, 30 and 50 g.
  • Skinoren cream: composition
    The main active ingredient is also azelaic acid.
    1 g of cream contains 0.2 g of azelaic acid, as well as additional moisturizing ingredients: glycerol, fatty acid glycerides. Skinoren cream is available in packs of 30 g.

Indications for use -

  • acne skin (acne and acne),
  • treatment, as well as prevention of the appearance of foci of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, often occurring after the healing of acne.

Application course -
The visible effect occurs approximately in 3-4 weeks from the beginning of the use of the drug. However, the treatment course is 3 months. This period is necessary to consolidate its effect for a long time. The drug should be applied 2 times a day (morning and evening before bedtime). Before using the drug, you should wash your face with a mild detergent and dry it. The drug is applied and lightly rubbed into the acne-prone skin.

Skinoren gel or cream: what to choose?

The gel is well suited for patients with oily skin, and the cream is suitable for patients with dry and normal skin. The dosage of azelaic acid in the cream is slightly higher than that of the gel (20% vs. 15%), but this does not mean that the cream is more effective. On the contrary, an increased concentration of azelaic acid in a cream is necessary in order to compensate for the lower effectiveness of creams as such (this is due to the fact that the active ingredients from the cream penetrate the skin much more difficultly than from the gel).


How does azelaic acid in acne and acne

To understand the mechanism of action of the drug - you need to know exactly how acne and acne are formed. Acne is essentially fatty congestion. On the skin of the face, they may look like white bumps, or as black dots in the pores of the skin (Figure 4-5). Each skin pore contains a hair follicle from which the hair shaft grows.

Around the hair follicle, the sebaceous glands are scattered, which produce fat secretion into the lumen of the follicle, and from it the skin fat enters the surface of the skin, where it exerts its protective function.

Acne is formed in the pores of the skin as a result of 2 processes -

  • increase the production of fat secretions sebaceous glands,
  • violations of epithelialization processes inside the follicle, resulting in a large number of desquamated epithelial cells in its lumen.

These processes lead to the blockage of skin pores with fat and desquamated epithelial cells. If such plugs occur closer to the skin's surface, they can be seen with the naked eye (as black dots). If formed in the depths of pores, such acne looks like white bumps on the surface of the skin. Acne, in turn, can transform into acne (Fig. 6), and this happens as a result of the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria in the hair follicles blocked by fatty plugs.

Azelaic acid does the following for acne. -

  • Normalizes epithelialization processes inside the hair follicles, which leads to a decrease in the number of desquamated epithelial cells,
  • Suppresses the activity of pathogenic bacteria, which begin to actively proliferate in the lumen of the hair follicles after they are blocked by acne, which prevents the transformation of acne into acne.
  • Suppresses the activity of melanocyte cells, which determine the appearance of focal hyperpigmentation on the skin after acne healing.

Does Skinoren gel and Skinoren cream help acne - dermatologist reviews

Advantages over other acne treatments -

  • it causes less dryness and irritation of the skin,
  • does not increase the susceptibility of the skin to the sun, and therefore does not require parallel use of sunscreen during periods of increased solar activity,
  • its course application helps to prevent the appearance of age spots after acne.

However, the following points should be taken into account when prescribing the drug:

1. Skinoren eels - reviews

It should be borne in mind that the effect of the application you will see in about 3-4 weeks from the beginning of use. Despite the effectiveness of the drug, we still would not recommend it for basic therapy. With acne, a much larger and faster effect is brought by drugs of the class of retinoids.

But there are situations when it makes sense to use the combination therapy "retinoid + azelaic acid". For example, with very severe acne, or when the effectiveness of retinoids alone is insufficient.

2. Skinoren acne - reviews

The use of azelaic acid preparations for acne is possible, but again, we do not recommend using them as a basic therapy. Benzoyl peroxide preparations are considered the gold standard of acne treatment. Honestly, azelaic acid is inferior to them in efficiency.

But we recommend using a combination of benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid in case you have acne and acne on your face at the same time!

Skinoren: price

Skinoren gel and cream: price in pharmacies (average) ...

  • gel in tubes of 15 g - from 550 rubles.
  • gel in tubes of 30 g - from 950 rubles.
  • gel in tubes of 50 g - from 1250 rubles.
  • cream in tubes of 30 g - about 900 rubles.

Analogues Skinoren gel and cream -

Skinoren gel: analogues

  • Azogel - 15% gel of azelaic acid (produced in tubes of 15 and 30 g).
  • Azelik (Russia) - 15% gel in tubes of 30 g.

Skinoren cream: analogues

  • Azix-derm (India) - 20% cream in tubes of 30 g each.
  • Acne derm (Poland) - 20% cream in tubes of 20 g.

The listed analogues of Skinoren gel and cream are about 30% cheaper than the original drug.

Skinoren during pregnancy -

The adsorption of active ingredients is so small that the drug is not contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, the use of the drug should be reported to your doctor. The drug is not recommended to be applied on the chest before feeding.

We hope that our article on the topic: Skinoren gel and Skinoren cream reviews - proved to be useful to you!

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