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Baziron AS is a drug in the form of a gel for the treatment of acne. Produced by the pharmaceutical company "Galderma" (France). The drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription and is approved for use in patients over 12 years of age.

Today, pharmacies have a huge amount of drugs for the treatment of acne and acne. Due to the lack of knowledge, it is almost impossible for patients to make an independent correct choice of the drug. This article is written by a professional dermatologist, and below you can read what you should expect from the use of Baziron, and whether it will help you.

Baziron AS - instructions for use

Baziron: composition and release form
the main active ingredient is the benzoyl peroxide component. There are 3 forms of the drug: the gel can have a benzoyl peroxide concentration of 2.5%, 5% or 10%. Each form is available in tubes of 40 g.

The complex "acrylate copolymer-glycerin" is used as an additional component in the preparation, due to which the gel has a degreasing effect. Upon absorption of sebum by the copolymer, at the same time there is a slow release of glycerin, which allows to moisturize and soften the skin.

What is the concentration of the gel to choose -
Baziron instructions for use of the drug does not contain detailed information about which concentration of the gel is preferable to use. However, clinical studies have shown that the effectiveness of the drug is almost independent of what concentration you use.

If you are using benzoyl peroxide for the first time, we recommend 2.5% gel. If repeated courses of therapy, then 5% gel. But 10% of the gel should be used only for severe forms of acne that are resistant to drug therapy.

Pharmacological action of the drug -

Benzoyl peroxide, which is part of the Baziron gel, has a very high activity against bacteria that cause suppuration of the hair follicles of the skin, i.e. the appearance of acne. Such bacteria include - Propionibacterium Acnes and Staphylococcus Epidermidis. Microbiological studies have shown that Baziron gel already on the 7th day of application suppresses acne-causing bacteria by 94%, and after 15 days - by 97-99%.

In addition to the antimicrobial action of the drug also has -

  • reduces secretion of the sebaceous glands,
  • anti-inflammatory effect (reduces redness and inflammation),
  • keratolytic action (exfoliating),
  • helps to remove acne (fat plugs) from the skin pores.

A course of treatment -

The drug is intended for external use only. The gel should be applied to the affected skin 2 times a day with light massaging movements. You must first clean the skin with mild detergents and dry it well.

The pronounced effect of the drug will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks from the beginning of use. However, in no case at this point can not stop the use of the drug. To consolidate the effect for a long time - the course of treatment should be 3 months. At the same time, if you managed to achieve the disappearance of acne much earlier than the 3 month period - from this moment you can start using the drug only once a day.

About what concentration of gel (2.5%, 5% or 10%) to choose - we wrote above. Remember that repeat courses using benzoyl peroxide-based drugs are advisable only after consulting a dermatologist.

Baziron AS: price, reviews

Baziron the price of the drug in pharmacies in 2019 starts from 750 rubles. Moreover, gels in concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10% are about the same.

Baziron AU: Cheap analogues
cheaper counterparts are produced mainly by Indian companies, but I must say that they are not represented on the Russian market. But you can easily find branded drugs firms Neutrogena or Mary Kay, as well as Persa-gel (USA).

Baziron AS: reviews of dermatologists

Baziron Gel - reviews of the drug will depend primarily on what form of acne you will use it: for acne, for acne or for mixed acne (that is, when there is acne and acne on the skin).

It should be understood that acne and acne are completely different formations. Acne is a festering hair follicles (Fig. 6). When acne inside the follicle pus is formed, and the skin above it has a red, inflamed appearance.

Acne is nothing but fat plugs in the pores of the skin, which are formed due to an increase in sebum production by the sebaceous glands located around the hair follicles. Acne may look like: either as white bumps on the skin surface (fig. 7), or as black spots in the pores of the skin (fig. 8).


1) The use of Baziron for acne -
Benzoyl peroxide preparations, including Baziron AU, are the gold standard for treating acne (with the exception of the cystic form). According to the recommendations of the European and American Medical Associations, benzoyl peroxide for acne should be prescribed as basic therapy.

Alternatively, benzoyl peroxide can be used to treat acne: gels containing clindamycin or erythromycin antibiotics, or a combination of drugs that contain both benzoyl peroxide and an antibiotic. However, these drugs are best used only if the basic course of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel was ineffective.

Learn about the full range of effective drugs for acne, on what forms of acne which drugs will be more effective - you can in the article:
→ "Advice of a dermatologist on the choice of drugs for acne treatment"

2) The use of Baziron in acne -
although, in the instructions for the drug it is written that the drug can be used to treat acne - we do not recommend using it for acne, because comedonolytic and keratolytic effects of the drug are very mild, and noticeably lose here to drugs of the retinoid group. It is retinoid drugs that are the gold standard for treating acne.

In addition, for acne in the skin there is no inflammation that would be caused by pathogenic bacteria. The use of an antimicrobial agent (benzoyl peroxide) under these conditions can cause the formation of strains of pathogenic bacteria resistant to antimicrobial agents on the skin. In the future, this may lead to the appearance of acne, which is extremely insensitive to treatment with any medication.

3) If you have acne and acne on your skin -
in this case, Baziron AC gel should be used together with preparations of the retinoid group, i.e. use them in parallel. But it is best in this case to use for the treatment of combined drugs that already contain both benzoyl peroxide and retinoid. This will reduce possible skin irritation. An example of such a drug is Epidoo gel (France).

Side effect of the drug -

When using the drug may cause local irritation of the skin, which is normal. Symptoms of irritation include: peeling and dryness of the skin, its redness, burning sensation. Often, after getting used to the drug - these symptoms are reduced. If the symptoms of irritation do not diminish, then you can either reduce the frequency of use to 1 time per day, or switch to using another group of drugs, for example, antibacterial gels.

Rarely may be allergic to the components of the drug, which requires its cancellation.

Important: benzoyl peroxide increases skin sensitivity to the sun. This means that when using the drug during periods of high solar activity, hyperpigmentation of the skin will appear with a high probability in places where the drug is used. Therefore, you will need to use sun protection products (creams, sunglasses, Panamas).

Contraindications to use -

  • allergic to one of the components of the drug,
  • children's age up to 12 years.

Use during pregnancy and lactation -

The drug has an extremely low absorption from the surface of the skin, so that it practically does not enter the bloodstream and does not have a systemic effect on the body. However, no safety studies during pregnancy and lactation have been conducted. Thus, the appointment of the drug is possible, but in cases where the intended benefit will exceed the perceived risk.

Special instructions -

  1. You can not put the drug on the mucous membranes. Can be applied only on the skin. In case of contact with the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, oral cavity, rinse immediately with water.
  2. It is not advisable to use Baziron AU in parallel with agents having a drying, peeling effect, alcohol-based products.
  3. The drug should be stored at a temperature not exceeding +25 degrees. Shelf life of the drug 3 years

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