Gel Kamistad: instructions for use

Kamistad gel is a line of drugs for topical use in the oral cavity, intended for anesthesia of the oral mucosa or red border of the lips. The drug is available in 2 forms: firstly, it is Kamistad Baby gel, used in younger children with teething, and secondly, Kamistad classic gel for adults and children from 12 years of age.

The drugs are produced at the factories of the German company Haupt Pharma. In Russia, drugs are distributed through the pharmaceutical company Nizhfarm. The latter is probably known to every consumer by the drug D-Panthenol. Next, we will tell you about the situations in which the gels of the Kamistad range will have a good effect, and in which situations it would be better to choose drugs from other manufacturers.

Gels Kamistad and Kamistad Baby: photos

Indications for use -

The drug Kamistad Baby for young children has only 1 indication for use - to reduce teething pain. If we talk about the form of the drug for adults and children from 12 years old, then for Kamistad the instructions for use contain the following indications for the use of gel -

  • with gingivitis,
  • wisdom teething pains,
  • with stomatitis and cheilitis,
  • in case of mucosal injuries with removable dentures, braces,
  • after dental interventions (for example, to anesthetize the area of ​​the mucous where the injection of anesthetic was placed).

Important: It should be noted that not with all these indications Kamistad gel will be the best tool. For example, we do not recommend this drug for anesthesia of the nodules of the mucous membrane under removable dentures. The fact is that the chloride, which is part of the benzalkonium gel, tends to cause irritation of the mucous membrane without that, what can be said about the injured mucosa.

In stomatitis, the gel can only have a symptomatic effect, i.e. to relieve pain when painful ulceration occurs. But you need to understand that Kamistad does not affect the cause of stomatitis. With gingivitis, this drug will also not be the best choice, and by reading the reviews on the drug below, you will understand why.

1. Gel Kamistad - price and composition analysis

At Kamistad gel, the price in a pharmacy starts from 280 rubles (the price is for 2019). The drug has only one form of release - a yellow-brown gel in a tube of 10 g. The drug is approved for use in adults and children from 12 years of age. It is released without a prescription.

Gel Kamistad: composition

The content of active substances in 1 g of gel -
→ lidocaine hydrochloride 20 mg,
→ chamomile flower extract 185 mg.
Excipients -
benzalkonium chloride, korichnik essential oil (camphor oil), sodium saccharinate, carbomer, trometamol, formic acid, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), water.

Composition analysis -
The main component of the drug is an anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride (lidocaine), the content of which in 1 g of gel is 20 mg. In terms of percentages, this corresponds to a 2% lidocaine solution. Thus, the latter provides an anesthetic effect, and the extract of chamomile flowers has a slight anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound-healing effect.

On Kamistad gel, instructions for use also contain information on the content of benzalkonium chloride in the preparation. This is an antiseptic, which the manufacturer added to the drug to increase the antiseptic effect of chamomile extract. It should be noted that when applying this component to the damaged mucous membrane, it can cause irritation and slow healing.


2. Kamistad Baby - price and composition analysis

At Kamistad Baby Gel, the price at the pharmacy starts at 300 rubles (the price is for 2019). It is a transparent gel with a yellow-brown tint, is available in tubes of 10 g. The drug has no age limit and is available without a prescription. As we have said above - the drug is designed to relieve a small pain when teething the first teeth, and is only suitable for the youngest children.

On Kamistad Baby the instructions for use contain the following information about the composition of the drug -

The content of active substances in 1 g of gel -
→ chamomile flower extract,
→ polidocanol.
Excipients -
propylene glycol, carion (sorbitol), glycerin 85%, monopolisprit, trometamol, carbomer, honey flavor, acesuulfulfam potassium, cooling flavor, disodium EDTA, water.

Composition analysis -
The main component of this drug is certainly not chamomile flower extract, which has only a small anti-inflammatory effect and does not have analgesic properties, but polidocanol. In turn, this component is already working by reducing the sensitivity of sensory receptors, and also interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses along the sensory (afferent) nerve fibers and, thus, leads to a decrease in pain.

The drug has a high safety profile, however, a side effect of this is a rather weak and moderate anesthetic effect, which the manufacturer tried to compensate for with the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile extract, as well as a special cooling flavor that distracts the child’s attention from discomfort in the area of ​​the cutting teeth.

→ Kamistad original instruction (download in PDF)
→ Kamistad Baby Instruction (Download in PDF)

Kamistad gel: instructions for use

Instructions for use are the same for both forms of the drug. Both the usual Kamistad gel and the Kamistad Baby gel can be applied 3 times a day. Each time it is worth doing only after eating and oral hygiene. Before applying the gel, it is advisable to dry the area of ​​the mucous membrane on which you plan to apply the gel - with a dry gauze pad (this will improve the penetration of the gel and its fixation on the wet mucous membrane).

After that, squeeze out the gel on a clean finger (in a volume with a pea), and apply to the painful area of ​​the mucous membrane, gently rubbing it. After that, it is advisable to eat nothing and not rinse your mouth. It is desirable to drink not earlier than in 20-30 minutes. As an option - the gel can be squeezed out not on a finger, but on a cotton swab (especially if you currently have no place to wash your hands).

If you decide to buy Kamistad for anesthesia of the mucous membrane under the prosthesis, then the best option for applying the gel is as follows. Apply the gel on a clean denture (on its lower surface, adjacent to the mucous membrane) - then put the denture on the jaw. Drying the mucosa in this case is not necessary. The gel is applied to the part of the prosthesis that is adjacent to the painful area of ​​the mucous membrane.

Scheme of use for stomatitis -

The adult form of the gel can be used to relieve painful ulcerations, which are formed during herpetic and aphthous stomatitis. However, this will not be the main treatment. When stomatitis of any origin, complex therapy is required, which, depending on the cause, may include - antiseptic rinses, antivirals, antihistamines, etc. How to treat stomatitis correctly in the articles -

→ The scheme of treatment of stomatitis for adults
→ Treatment of stomatitis in children

Kamistad gel: reviews

On Kamistad Baby, the reviews will be far from enthusiastic - if your child experiences severe discomfort from teething. It makes sense to use only with a little discomfort. The effect of the drug is not too long, but it can only be used no more than 3 times a day. Therefore, with more pronounced discomfort, you will probably have to use not one Kamistad, but another one of the following drugs.

It can be candles Viburkol (Viburcol) - is a homeopathic herbal preparation to reduce irritability and relieve anxiety. Or a children's Panadol in the form of candles or a suspension, or a children's Nurofen in the form of a suspension. It should be borne in mind that sometimes parents take the symptoms of herpetic stomatitis in their child - for teething symptoms (read how to recognize the herpetic stomatitis in children). here).

Gel Kamistad - reviews on the adult form of the drug

The advantages of the drug -

  • good analgesic effect
  • The gel is well fixed on the oral mucosa.

Disadvantages of the drug -

  • not too long analgesia
  • moderate anti-inflammatory effect,
  • a weak antimicrobial effect due to a small content of tsetalkoniya chloride, so it does not make sense to use this drug for inflammation of the gums (in this case it is better to use gels that have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and pronounced anesthetic effect, for example, Holisal),
  • contains benzalkonium chloride antiseptic, therefore it is better to apply the gel on the intact oral mucosa, since there is evidence that this component with course application may delay healing of the mucous.

Kamistad and similar drugs -

As we have already said above, the price in pharmacies for Kamistad gel starts from 280 rubles per 10 g tube. The price is almost the same for both adult and pediatric forms of the drug. It must be said that today the drug has no cheaper analogues. However, below we will list dental painkillers with a different composition, which can also be used in children and adults.

Kamistad: drug analogues

  • Preparation Kalgel -
    This dental gel also contains lidocaine, and cetylpyridinium chloride as an antiseptic. The analgesic effect of this gel will be less, because his lidocaine concentration is 6 times lower. Can be used from 5 months of age. The drug Kalgel - price from 350 rubles per 10g tube.

    Kalgel or Kamistad: which is better
    due to the lower concentration of lidocaine in Kalgel - the depth of pain relief will be significantly lower. However, firstly - the drug can be applied already 5 times a day, and secondly - if you need exactly the pronounced antiseptic effect and only a small anesthetic, then Kalgel will be the best choice.

  • Holisal (instructions for use) -
    This gel has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a good analgesic effect, and more prolonged. It can be used for inflammation of the gums, for anesthesia of erosions and ulcerated mucous membrane areas during stomatitis, including young children.

    But when teething babies do not use it, because due to the content of anise, the drug strongly stimulates salivation. The cost of the gel will be from 350 rubles per tube 10g.

  • Solcoseryl (instructions for use) -
    If you need to relieve painful erosion during stomatitis and at the same time significantly accelerate their epithelization, then this gel will be the best choice. However, you can begin to apply it already at the subsiding of the acute phase of inflammation. The price for a 20g tube is from 250 rubles.

Kamistad during pregnancy and feeding -

Gel Kamistad during pregnancy and breastfeeding is contraindicated. If you need a drug for anesthesia of the mucous / inflammation, then in this case the optimal alternative is only HolisalGel ", because according to the manufacturer's instructions, this dental gel can be used throughout pregnancy and the breastfeeding period, but" with caution " .

The term with caution implies that you should not use this gel uncontrollably and constantly - it must be appointed by the dentist, and besides you must inform your obstetrician-gynecologist about the beginning of its use. We hope that our article on the topic: Kamistad gel instructions for use - proved to be useful to you!

Author: dentist Kamensky K.V., 19 years experience.

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