Photoepilator: reviews, price

The latest achievement in the industry of removing unwanted hair for a long time is the release of IPL devices for home use. If it is simpler, then the IPL device is the home photoepilator.

The abbreviation "IPL" (Intense Pulsed Light) means - intense pulsed light. IPL devices produce high-frequency light pulses with a long light wave in the range from 580 to 980 nm (nanometers). These strong light impulses also lead to irreversible death of hair follicles.

Photoepilator: how it works

The principle that photoepilators use to remove unwanted hair is called “photothermolysis”. The high-frequency high-intensity light flashes created by the apparatus cause a strong heating of the hair shaft, which leads to the death of the hair follicles from which the hair grows (Fig. 4).

Photoepilators act only on those hair follicles that are in the stage of active hair growth. Keep in mind that in the thickness of the skin there are also folded follicles, of which the hair does not grow temporarily. Over time, dormant follicles are activated, while others - on the contrary, fall asleep. Photoepilation does not affect asleep follicles, and therefore to get the result you must go through a whole course of procedures.

Professional IPL devices are used in cosmetology clinics not only for photoepilation, but also for photo rejuvenation procedures. These devices help solve problems with pigment and age spots on the skin, spider veins, can improve the appearance and turgor of the skin. Home photoepilators also solve only one problem - the removal of unwanted hair.

Home photoepilators: pros and cons

If you have never done professional photo-epilation in clinics before you buy a home photo-epilator, you should first go through one such procedure to see if it suits your skin type and hair type. Home photoepilators are very easy to use, but keep in mind that they do not give the same result as professional IPL devices.

Advantages of buying a home photoepilator:

  • Economic benefit -
    If you need to treat large areas of skin (for example, your back or legs), then buying a photoepilator will be beneficial, because cost will be equal to the cost of just a few professional procedures in the clinic.
  • Convenience -
    If you have a home photoepilator, then you will not have to wait for a new visit to the clinic or salon. As soon as the hair grows - you can quickly affect them at home.
  • The possibility of individual settings -
    photoepilation procedure is quite painful. Photoepilators have different settings for the intensity of the light pulse. Although a weaker impulse provides a worse effect, it is less painful. Over time, the skin will become accustomed to the procedures of photoepilation, and gradually it will be possible to give more and more light power.

    With the ability to customize home photoepilator - you can adjust the pain threshold. Feel free to increase the strength of the impulses as soon as you feel ready for this, or during the treatment of less sensitive areas of the body.

Disadvantages of home photoepilators:

  • Lack of professional advice -
    in the clinic or salon, you can always get advice on any issue. Photoepilators have a lot of individual settings that need to be considered depending on skin type, hair color. In addition, photoepilation may be contraindicated in general for some people.
  • Smaller effect compared to professional IPL devices -
    Home photoepilator settings are limited in strength of light pulses. This is necessary so that a person cannot harm himself, given his lack of professional knowledge and skills in working with IPL.

    However, the most modern IPL devices work according to the E.L.O.S. technology, which allows achieving very good results with moderate light pulses. Such devices are the most secure.

Photoepilator: reviews, rating 2019

If you are faced with a choice: which photoepilator is better to buy, then you are probably confused by the variety of brands. Next, we will try to consider the best brands, all their pros and cons, so that you can buy a photoepilator for home conditions that takes into account your skin and hair type ...

The most basic parameters for choosing a photoepilator -

  • this is the power of the lamp - it is measured in joules (joules),
  • the presence of a skin type sensor,
  • possibility of individual settings
  • lamp life in the number of flashes,
  • availability of recommendations of the US and European Medical Associations (FDA),
  • the size of the flash window (a large window allows faster processing of large skin surfaces, such as legs or back, but it will not allow you to process your face or bikini).

1. Photoepilator "Iluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System"

This IPL device from the developers of the company Synergon. This system is the first IPL system for hair removal at home, which uses the technology "E.L.O.S.", in which the pulses of light are combined with exposure to radio frequencies. To date, this system is one of the most effective, suitable for all skin types, and even for the removal of light and red hair.

The combination of pulsed light and radio frequencies several times increases the efficiency of removing unwanted hair, because These factors of influence tend to strengthen the effect of each other. This effect of mutual enhancement allows (without compromising the quality of epilation) - to reduce the intensity of light pulses, making the procedure less painful and safer.

Cost of: Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System - price from 445 $


  • E.L.O.S. technology
  • light intensity 4 J per 1 cm2 + radio frequency energy of about 6.5 MHz,
  • 3 intensity modes
  • suitable for all skin and hair types, including blond and red,
  • suitable for any part of the body, including the face, bikini area,
  • the procedure is painless,
  • skin tone sensor is not needed,
  • lamp life - 300,000 flashes,
  • approved by the FDA,
  • It has been clinically proven that 7 sessions over 6 weeks is enough to reduce hair growth by 80-95%. In the future, supporting procedures will be required to remove separately appearing hairs.

MinusesFor light and very light hair, it is necessary to pre-epilate the treatment area, for example, with wax.


2. Photoepilator "Tanda Me - My Elos Touch +300 000 Pulses"

Photoepilator "Tanda Me" was also developed by Synergon, which also works using E.L.O.S. The manufacturer promises results already after 4 procedures, however, reviews indicate that this is not enough. "Tanda Me" has many models that differ mainly only in the lamp life (from 120,000 to 300,000 flashes), and additional devices inside.

Cost of: Tanda Me Super Touch photoepilator + 300.000 Pulses - price from $ 549. However, models with a smaller lamp life (less than 300 thousand flashes) will cost much less.


  • works on technology E.L.O.S.,
  • light intensity 4 J per 1 cm2 + radio frequency energy 6.78 MHz,
  • suitable for all skin and hair types
  • suitable for all areas of the body, including the face,
  • skin tone sensor is not needed,
  • lamp life up to 300,000 flashes
  • approved by the FDA.


  • it is necessary to process one zone 3 times (reduces the life of the cartridge),
  • only two intensity modes (Iluminage TOUCH has three)
  • some reviews indicate overheating of the device and shutdown (it is necessary to wait for cooling before continuing the procedure),
  • for blond hair, preliminary waxing of the waxing area is needed,
  • a third of users are dissatisfied with the results - hair grows back, even after 6 months of use. And note the reduction of hair by only 50-60%.

3. Photoepilator - "Remington i-Light Pro Plus QUARTZ"

This is the most popular IPL epilator brand in Europe, developed by a dermatologist, with clinical trials and approved by the FDA. If you want to buy a photoepilator for home use, then Remington is a really good choice. This photoepilator for home use includes all the necessary functions and settings that have professional brands used in salons, but at a more favorable price.

Specifications: the time between pulses is 2 seconds, the duration of each pulse is 110 milliseconds, the working surface area of ​​the lamp is 2 cm2. The manufacturer has created a special mobile application for smartphones in which you can track the results and receive online consultations of the company's specialists.

The main models of Remington -

  • Remington i-Light Pro Plus (cost $ 250) -
    It has a lamp life of only 1,500 flashes, which is enough for only 3 complete treatments of the whole body (a spare lamp costs $ 25-30).
  • Remington i-Light Pro Plus QUARTZ (cost $ 400) -
    The QUARTZ model has a lamp life of 30,000 flashes, which is not less than 50 full body treatments (a spare lamp costs $ 99)

Clinical trials  -
participants in clinical trials had at least 66% less hair 6 months after carrying out three complete procedures. At the end of 6 months, you will need “supporting sessions” when you process dotted areas in which individual hairs re-grow. Both models are recommended by dermatologists and approved by the FDA.


  • 5 intensity settings
  • power - 7-8 J per 1 cm2 (for the body), and 3 J per 1 cm2 (for the face),
  • built-in skin type sensor (ensures safe light intensity),
  • approved by the FDA,
  • an informative LED display that allows you to easily check the light intensity, skin sensor indicators and the status of the lamp,
  • continuous flash or multi-flash function (for more precise treatment of specific areas of the body, such as the face, or for processing large areas of skin in a shorter time).


  • not suitable for blond or gray hair,
  • not suitable for dark skin tones
  • the Remington i-Light Pro Plus model has a small lamp life.

4. Photoepilator - "Silk'n Flash & GO"

Pretty budget model of photoepilator, but copes with its task perfectly well. Reviews note up to 80% reduction in the number of hairs after 8 weeks after 4 series of procedures performed every 2 weeks. This home photoepilator stably takes 2-4 place in the American ratings, despite the fact that it is inferior in power to some other models.

  • Silk'n Flash & GO photoepilator - the price is about $ 170 (about 11,000 rubles),
    a small lamp resource is 5000 flashes, which is 5-6 complete treatments of the whole body (a replacement lamp costs $ 40).
  • Silk'n Flash & GO LUXX photoepilator - price about $ 260
    a resource of a lamp of 120,000 flashes - for about 16,000 rubles in total!


  • Suitable for body, face, bikini,
  • 5 intensity settings
  • built-in skin tone sensor
  • approved by the FDA,
  • large flash window 4x2 cm, which allows you to quickly process large areas of the body.

5. Photoepilator - "Gillette Venus Naked IPL"

Photoepilator from the manufacturer Braun for a long time on the market and has established itself as an excellent device for removing unwanted hair. Its main differences from other devices: high power, long lamp life, as well as the fact that a special gel comes with it, which, on the one hand, enhances the effect of light on the hair follicles, and on the other, it anesthetizes and cools the skin.


  • photoepilator Gillette Venus Naked IPL - price from 12000 rubles.
  • made by Braun - a well-known brand in the beauty industry,
  • good feedback,
  • resource 50 000 flashes,
  • power - 10 J per 1 cm2,
  • anesthetic gel included,
  • there is a skin tone sensor,
  • 1 pack of Gillette IPL gel included (then you can buy it for 400 rubles).

Minuses: The skin sensor in this photoepilator is a separate device that you have to bring to your skin, and then put a photoepilator on it so that the latter reads the information from the sensor (we don’t see a big minus in this).

6. Photoepilator - Philips Lumea IPL

In general, Philips often updates its product lines, so you can always find an excellent modern model on sale. Philips photoepilator is wireless: a single battery charge lasts for 27 minutes of work - at the most intense flash level, and for 2 hours - at the lowest flash intensity level (it takes 10 hours to fully charge the battery).

Philips Lumea photoepilator: reviews
they vary from person to person, which apparently also depends on the characteristics of the skin, its color, and also the color of the hair. Some users noted a very short result - the hairs grow back after 5-6 weeks, and a decrease in growth is observed within 50-60%.

Basic models -

  • Philips Lumea SC1981 price - from 16,000 rubles,
  • Philips Lumea SC1995 price - from 24,000 rubles,
  • Philips Lumea SC2004 price - from 28,000 rubles (Figure 20),
  • Philips Lumea SC2007 price - from 32,000 rubles (Figure 21),
  • Philips Lumea SC2009 price - from 42,000 rubles (Fig.22).


  • This is a wireless photoepilator,
  • adjustable power is from 2 to 5.9 J per 1 cm2,
  • 5 settings for the intensity of light flashes,
  • UV filter,
  • models from SC2007 to SC2009 have a lamp life - more than 100,000 flashes, as well as a smaller and more accurate filter for use on the face,
  • SC2008 and SC2009 models - additional filters for bikini processing,
  • clinical studies have shown a significant reduction in hair with regular use (1 time per week for 4-5 weeks).


  • no built-in skin sensor
  • high price,
  • Models younger than SC2004 does not involve face and bikini treatment.

7. Photoepilator - BaByliss G932E Homelight 50

Photoepilator Babyliss G932E Homelight - customer reviews claim satisfactory hair removal of dark hair, but at the same time it copes poorly with light and red hair. Although in advertising, the French manufacturer BaByliss claims clinically proven effectiveness - 90% less hair.


  • Babyliss G932E Homelight 50 - price from 12000 rub.
  • lamp life - 50,000 flashes,
  • 5 flash intensity modes,
  • compact.


  • no skin tone sensor,
  • small power - only 4 J per 1 cm2,
  • copes poorly with blond, gray and red hair.

8. Photoepilator - Rowenta Derma Perfect EP9870DO

Rowenta EP9870DO - customer reviews are not very good, despite the fact that the manufacturer claims an 83% visible hair reduction after 3 months of use. However, consumers note that they did not achieve any particularly tangible results even after 6 months of constant use once every two weeks. Yes, hair grow back more slowly than after shaving, but it still grow back. The decrease in hair growth was observed only within 40%.


  • Rowenta Derma Perfect EP9870DO - price from 9500 rub.
  • built-in skin sensor
  • Built-in UV filter provides eye protection.
  • 3 replaceable disposable lamps included.


  • weak power - only 4 J per 1 cm2,
  • Only 3 modes, while competitors have 5,
  • no face packs, bikinis,
  • the small size of the lamp window (this extends the procedure by several times),
  • requires several seconds of charging after each flash,
  • small lamp life - up to 3000 flashes.

Home photoepilators - reviews of doctors

Most doctors state that home photoepilators are perfectly safe for the skin if you use the device correctly, in accordance with the instruction manual and manufacturer's recommendations. The set of delivery of IPL devices, as a rule, always has not only detailed instructions, but also an educational film on DVD.

All powerful IPL devices that can really cause any negative changes, if used by non-professionals, are allowed to be used only in specialized clinics under medical supervision. Devices for home use are certified specifically for use by non-professionals, that is, they can do no harm.

However, there is also a list of contraindications to the use of photoepilators. They will be exactly the same as contraindications for photoepilation in the cosmetology clinic with professional IPL devices.

Author: editors of the portal.

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