Electrolysis: reviews, photos

Electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure for removing unwanted hair with electric current. Most women say that it is very effective, but at the same time the most painful procedure for hardware hair removal (as compared with laser or photo-epilation).

Electrolysis: photo


How does electrolysis work?
during the electrolysis procedure, a thin needle-shaped electrode is attached to the root of each individual hair, after which a discharge of electric current is applied to the electrode. Electric current reaches the follicle and damages it, as well as the tissues adjacent to the follicle, which are responsible for hair growth (capillaries and the smallest nerve endings). Thus, the viability of the hair follicle is completely lost.

Electrolysis: reviews of cosmetologists and patients

Electrolysis - reviews of cosmetologists and patients agree that this method is really effective. However, some patients may experience undesirable effects that can permanently degrade the aesthetics of the treated area. We will tell about all this below.

1. The advantages of electrolysis -

  • It is suitable for all kinds of hair and skin types,
  • the highest percentage of effectiveness and duration of the effect (compared with all other types of hair removal),
  • it is applied to most parts of the body: electro-epilation of the face, eyebrows, cheeks, chest, electro-epilation of the armpits, as well as bikini, leg and back lines.

Electrolysis: photo before and after

2. The main disadvantages of electrolysis -

  • It may not work well after some methods of hair removal -
    If you have previously used wax hair removal, sugar hair removal (shugaring) or plucking, then the follicles may be deformed or curved. Curved follicles are more difficult to remove using electrolysis, because there are difficulties in inserting the needle of the electrode to the hair root.
  • Requires a large number of series of procedures -
    You must understand that permanently removing hair with electrolysis may require a large number of procedures. On average, it takes about 15-30 sessions for the complete removal of all hair in one zone. This is due to the fact that in the skin, in addition to the active follicles from which hair grows, there are also dormant follicles from which hair does not grow in an inactive state.

    But these dormant follicles are gradually activated, which starts the process of hair growth in them. Each new procedure will destroy the active follicles at that moment, until there are no active or dormant follicles in the skin.

  • The long duration of the procedure in time -
    (since the impact occurs on each individual hair, for example, electrolysis over the upper lip lasts about 20 minutes).
  • High price -
    The total cost of electrolysis becomes quite high due to the large number of procedures. The cost of electrolysis depends on the treated skin area and the duration of the session (see below).

    Electrolysis: video


Electrolysis: contraindications and consequences

Like any procedure that requires electrical effects on the body, electrolysis has a corresponding extensive list of contraindications. It can not be carried out if -

  • installed heart rate driver,
  • mitral valve disease and other heart diseases,
  • with hemophilia, hepatitis, epilepsy,
  • fresh scars and scars on the treated skin area,
  • any skin damage at the treatment site (rash, cuts, acne, etc.),
  • warts, birthmarks, papillomas, cancer (on the treated skin area),
  • viral, bacterial and fungal skin lesions at the treatment site,
  • psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne (acne and acne),
  • varicose veins, thrombophlebitis,
  • the presence of any metal medical products in the body,
  • pregnancy,
  • endocrine diseases, hormonal disorders.

Electrolysis: side effects

  • severe pain during the procedure
  • moderate pain can persist long after the procedure,
  • redness and swelling of the skin on the treated area (from 3 to 14 days),
  • the appearance of acne filled with secretions of the sebaceous glands (Fig. 8),
  • temporary appearance of papules and pustules, i.e. acne (fig.8-9),
  • sometimes formation of microtubules is possible,
  • the temporary appearance of scabs on the skin (Figure 10),
  • focal hypopigmentation of the treated skin area (Figure 11).
  • At first, the pores of the skin may become not very beautiful - the pores will be enlarged, red or dark in color, which can last up to several weeks (fig. 12-13).

Frequently asked questions from patients:

1. Electrolysis forever or not - reviews

Electrolysis how much is enough? Today electrolysis is the only method to remove unwanted hair permanently. Hair in the hair follicles are in different stages of growth, and there are a large number of “dormant” follicles in the skin, the hair of which does not penetrate the skin surface and therefore cannot be removed yet.

Gradually, the follicles are activated, the hair growing from them penetrates the skin surface. Thus, each new procedure will fight the newly activated follicles. Procedures will need to be done until no active or dormant follicles are left in the skin (24stoma.ru).

2. Electroepilation - how many procedures are needed?

As we have said: to achieve the desired result, a whole series of procedures is needed. After each session, hair removal by electrolysis - new hairs grow thinner and thinner. It should also be noted that if you used a wax epilation or sugar epilation method before, the hair will be more resistant to electrolysis, and more procedures will be required.

In addition, deep-lying hair follicles, as well as follicles that have a thick hair shaft, are not always amenable to removal after 1 procedure, therefore, a number of repeated procedures may be required on the same follicles. It must be said that such repeated interventions increase the risk of developing complications: the appearance of microtubules, hypopigmentation of the skin.

3. Electrolysis - Does It Hurt?

Each person has his own pain threshold. However, in any case, electrolysis will be very painful. The thinner the skin and the closer the location of the follicle to the nerve ending - the more painful the procedure. Additional pain factors are: current intensity (the higher, the more painful), and the type of needle used.

Electrolysis needles are divided into two types: not isolated and isolated. Not isolated needles conduct current along the entire length of the follicle and surrounding tissues, which makes the procedure more painful. Isolated needles focus current only on the cells responsible for hair growth at the base of the follicle, which somewhat reduces pain.

4. How long does the procedure of electrolysis?

Each area of ​​the body requires a different amount of treatment time. It depends on the condition of the hair, and on their quantity. For example, electrolysis on the upper lip - reviews suggest that 1 session can last from 15 to 40 minutes. Laser hair removal of the same area will require only 4 or 8 minutes.

5. Bikini electro-epilation: photo before and after, reviews

Bikini electroepilation is possible for both women and men. Along with the classic bikini, the posterior crotch (the skin between the anus and the vulva or scrotum), as well as the skin around the anus, is often treated. Bikini electro-epilation - reviews of cosmetologists are in most cases negative if it is a deep, not a classic bikini.

Most cosmetologists do not undertake to carry out this procedure in the area of ​​deep bikini due to its lack of aesthetics (try to watch a video of sugar hair removal in the crotch area on YouTube ... and you will understand everything).

Bikini Electrolysis: before and after pictures

Figure 16-18 shows gradual changes in the skin after electrolysis carried out: the scabs and redness that gradually disappear, but black dots appear in the pores of the skin that resemble black acne in the pores of the skin on the face.

Summary: Is it worth doing electrolysis?

If you choose this method, then you should not immediately treat them to large areas of skin, especially visible to others. First you should hold a small session and remove hair on a small area of ​​skin to see how your skin reacts to this method. The reasons for the above-mentioned complications can be both the individual characteristics of your skin and the beautician's mistakes during the procedure. For example, incorrect selected parameters of the electric current strength.

In our opinion, electrolysis makes sense to do only in one case: if you need to get rid of rather sparse hair on a limited area of ​​skin. In this case, for 1 visit you can solve the problem. But if you need to treat large areas of skin on which a lot of hair grows, then this method is probably one of the worst.

The most effective alternatives to electrolysis (especially in the bikini area), which allow you to achieve excellent results in just 3-4 visits - is:

  • IPL photoepilation system,
  • epilation system E.L.O.S.,
  • laser hair removal system.

Electrolysis: price

For the electrolysis service - the price is made up of the following factors: the duration of the procedure, on which skin area the epilation is planned, the type of needle used, the method of anesthesia, the amount of hair on the skin area ... Most often, price lists of cosmetic clinics indicate the price per minute. Keep in mind that this price usually does not take into account the cost of the needle or the use of an anesthetic gel.

On average, in the clinics of Moscow electrolysis behind 1 minute worth -

  • face - from 22 rubles,
  • body - from 19 rubles,
  • bikini - from 26 rubles.

    Additional charge -

  • needle - from 100 rubles,
  • anesthetic gel - from 200 rubles.

We hope that our article on the topic: Electroepilation in Moscow where making reviews was helpful to you!

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