Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid: reviews

Not all people can boast full, well-defined lips, but in addition to the anatomical features, age-related changes play a big role in this. The fact is that with age, the width and volume of the lips tend to gradually decrease, which is due to a decrease in the volume of muscle tissue and subcutaneous fat.

Correction of nasolacrimal sulcus: reviews

Age-related changes in the area around the eyes include: hyperpigmentation, edema, circles under the eyes, dynamic and static wrinkles, drooping of the eyebrows, loss of elasticity of the eyelid skin, the appearance of "bags under the eyes" (hernial fatty tissue protrusion), and the appearance of furrows. The latter include - nasolacrimal, vectocellular, nososculoid, nasoschechnuyu furrow.

RF lifting: reviews, photos

RF lifting (eng. Radiofrequency - radio frequency) is a technology of non-surgical skin tightening with the first signs of fading. In Russia, this procedure is often called thermage or thermal lifting. This procedure is ideal for those who (by virtue of a still young age) do not want or do not trust surgical rejuvenation procedures.

Facial photorejuvenation: reviews, prices

Facial photorejuvenation is one of the methods of physiotherapy, which allows you to increase skin elasticity and improve its appearance. There are two main technologies that are used for photorejuvenation - LED-technique (LED therapy), IPL-method (intense pulsed light). These techniques are completely different, and the choice between them will directly depend on the results you want to achieve.

Dysport: reviews, photo before and after

Dysport (Dysport ®) is a botulinum toxin type A preparation manufactured by the UK company Ipsen Products. According to the mechanism of action, it is analogous to Botox ®, having exactly the same indications for use, as well as a similar high safety profile. In Russia, the drug is sold in bottles of 300 and 500 U.

Botox for face: reviews, effects

Botox (Botox ® Cosmetic) is a preparation based on botulinum toxin type A, manufactured by the American company Allergan Inc. Most often, this drug is used to correct dynamic wrinkles on the face - in the forehead and between the eyebrows, vertical wrinkles on the lips, "puppet wrinkles" in the corners of the mouth, as well as to effectively eliminate the crow's feet in the corners of the eyes.